How can we add a Long Bottom Line to our political system?

Check out this post on Huff Post Green UK by Halina Ward. The post highlights the publication earlier this month of an independent review by Sir George Cox called ‘Overcoming Short-termism within British Business’. The review found that “short-termism has become an entrenched feature of the UK business environment”, and it proposed a set of ways to rectify this including abandoning quarterly reporting, and increasing funding for research and post-graduate education. Related to this, Halina Ward’s organisation has just launched The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability which includes the idea that:

“Democracy must plan for present and future human needs in ways that respect the earth’s natural limits. From the local to the global, the practice of democracy at every level urgently needs to overcome short-termism.”

Have a look at their video below, and you might even want to sign up to their manifesto to add your support to their work towards a long bottom line in politics. People that have already signed up include MP Caroline Lucas and John Elkington, chairman of sustainability consultancy Volans.

The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability and You from Democrability on Vimeo.

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