The Path of Least Resistance

My last few posts have focused on the idea that making changes to the way we think about food and diet can have huge impacts on our individual health, as well as greater systemic benefits in the form of massive savings and a generally happier population. Our habits, however, are not easily broken (discussed further here). This past weekend, I watched two TED talks by a couple of omnivores, that address both the need for western populations to change their behaviour with food, as well as a great solution. Be a part-time vegetarian. By reducing the amount of meat you consume, you can contribute to environmental preservation – livestock production plays a significant role in climate change and land degradation. You can also experience some of the benefits that a plant-based diet has on health – like reduced risk of heart disease and degenerative diseases – without giving up meat cold turkey (pun intended).

For more information, please check out the following two excellent TED talks:

Graham Hill: Why I’m a weekday vegetarian (4 min.)

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat (20 min.)

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