Eating for a Better World

Ever since I started seriously researching sustainability and the state of our planet there is one topic that has struck me as affecting almost all the issues we face today: FOOD. For example, it is estimated that livestock’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions is between 10-51%! If the higher figure is correct, then the easiest, fastest way to stop climate change would be to replace just 25% of today’s livestock products with alternatives.

Now I could continue with more and more statistics about the food industry. But instead, I’ve selected a picture for each issue below that illustrates just one reason why you might want to think about eating a greener diet, even if you only really care about making your own life better. If you would like to know more, then the free online documentary “Farm for the Future” is a great place to start.

Climate Change

Wouldn’t you like the climate to stay stable – not too hot and not too cold, but just right for hanging out in the park?



Wouldn’t you like to be healthier and fitter like professional surfer (and vegetarian) Anastasia Ashley?


When you visit developing areas, wouldn’t you like to see that the people are happy, well-fed, and eager to learn like these children I visited in rural China?



Wouldn’t you like to see sustainable farming create fulfilling jobs for underskilled people, leading to mental health benefits for all?


Fresh Water

Wouldn’t you like our fresh water resources to be protected from chemicals, as well as overuse, so that our rivers are clean enough to drink and swim in?


Ocean Health

Wouldn’t you like our oceans to be protected from toxins and acidification, so that when you go scuba diving you can see sights like this?



Wouldn’t you like to see our forests protected and expanded, so that we can all enjoy their magnificence?



Wouldn’t you like to see the end of wasteful plastic packaging, so that the only stuff washing up on our beaches is the occasional bit of seaweed?



Wouldn’t you like to see the revitalisation of rural communities, so that urban knowledge centres can be greener and less crowded?



Wouldn’t you like your country to be reasonably self-sufficient for both its food and energy needs, so that its military can be mostly just for show?


What would you like your world to be like?

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